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How Does A Kahoot Bot Work?


“What is the kahoot bot?” you may ask. It’s a Twitter bot that automatically runs a kahoot game whenever it sees a tweet with the hashtag #kahootbot. The game is linked to a specific kahoot quiz, so you won’t be able to access the game unless you already know the correct answers. That’s why it’s so fun! (If you’re not familiar with kahoot, it’s a website where you can play games by answering questions.)

This article is about the most recent “bot” or automated program to wreak havoc on online quizzes, including the recently popular Facebook Bot. This program is actually called “Kahoot Bot” which was developed in January of 2021 by a group of MIT students. The name “Bot” is taken from a Native American language. They designed the bot to perform actions automatically during online quizzes. Their plan was to enable individuals with little or no computer experience to effectively take online college level exams like calculus, chemistry, biology and other math-based tests. It was also hoped that by allowing non-technical students (like many college students) take such tests, it would increase the racial and ethnic diversity in higher education.

How Does A Kahoot Bot Work

Unfortunately, the idea of a bot to perform multiple tasks at once isn’t very realistic. As stated above, the idea is to allow non-technical people to take these tests as well. If you read their press release, you’ll realize they’ve included instructional videos for getting started. Also included are some screenshots of some of their tests. I decided to use their videos in this article, since I have experience in teaching and can explain a test in minutes, while the screenshots show what the software actually does.

What makes the Bot so unique is that it performs its own test comprehension quizzes. In one YouTube video, the developers boast about how easy the software is to set up and get going with. The video shows several different versions of how the Bot works, with one being the “normal” one which prompts the user to answer each question by clicking on buttons. Another version is called the “time-step” version, in which the bot will ask the user to answer the questions as it finds them, and then play back the audio again so the user can hear it as the software operates through each question. The final “experience” mode is what really impresses me.

These are all legitimate ways to run a test on the Bot, as each mode runs the same tests. But the way the test runs is different. In the normal “normal” mode, the Bot will ask the user to click on buttons and listen to audio recordings until the desired result comes up. This means there’s no difference between the actual test results, and the output from the Bot.

But when the software runs in its time-step or expert mode, it allows the user to interact with the program, in order to get results. In this case, it might mean the user has to answer a few trivia questions, or might even have to select a picture. The user interacts with the program to get real-time results, rather than reading results out of an automated screen, as in the normal case. Once the user’s desired result is displayed, the system will compare the two results and give them to the user.

The second phase of the testing is simple. Users can continue to answer the easy questions, and the system will compare their results against the “normal” results. Once the result is displayed, it will tell the user, as well as the user’s friends, and anybody else who joined the test in the last thirty days. The user can then choose whether or not he wants to purchase the software.

The third phase of the testing is more involved. The results are compared against the original, pre-composed set of questions. This requires a great deal of work on the part of the programmer. He has to compare the original set of questions to those which have been rearranged, to see if there’s any real change in the way the questions are answered. The programmer also has to make sure that the new set of questions is qualitatively different from the old ones. If there is, the results will show that there has been genuine evolution.

Since the original set of questions was written by a computer, it will be easier for the programmers to incorporate changes. They will also be able to accommodate any customer feedback, if any exists. By using a kahoot bot, the programmer can put in whatever amount of time he needs to test a product. He doesn’t have to worry about spending money and resources on this exercise. The kahoot bot will do all that for him.

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