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Great design will do little for you without solid content.

The copy on your accounting website is vital. Your words are your marketing voice. You want to attract prospective customers by telling them what sets you apart from the competition. A nice looking site alone will not do that. Here are a few tips for making sure the copy on your site doesn’t get overlooked.

No underestimation for your punctuation

Those grammar rules you learned so long ago STILL apply on the Internet. Do you know the difference between their vs. there vs. they’re? What about your versus you’re? If not, you will want to brush up, because being accurate adds credibility to your website.

I’m less likely to believe your promise of carefully filing my taxes, if you don’t know which witch is which. You want to market yourself as a reputable and accurate CPA who goes the extra mile to get it right.

Put in the effort to read over your site, ask a trusted friend to check it for punctuation, spelling and grammar. Show your clients that you go the extra step and make accuracy a top priority.

The Break-Up

Even newspapers, known for their text-heavy pages, break up their paragraphs with spaces, bullet points, photos and graphics. The same applies to copy on the web, perhaps even more so. Online readers are accustomed to glancing at headlines, and are often drawn towards small blocks of text as opposed to larger ones.

Writing paragraph upon paragraph of text without something to break it up will overwhelm your site’s visitors.

* Bullet point information that lends itself to being in a list.

* Don’t be afraid to hit the enter key each time you begin a new thought.

* If you’ve got a visual, throw a small photo or graphic icon on the page to break up all those words!

Some readers are turned off by a page of static text, no matter how well-written it is. Take that same page of text and jazz up the layout just by using some simple spacing.

Why Should They Care?

Why should your potential client care what you have to say? The answer should ring loud and clear throughout your copy (see point #3 in this post). It’s not about all the tools you have on your accounting website. It’s about why those tools save your clients time, money and energy.

You want the content on your site to excite potential clients. Let clients know, for example, that a secure file exchange system means instant access to their tax documents 24/7. Now the client sees the value behind a service you offer.

Think about the “why should I care” idea each time you write about the services you provide. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and think about what they’d be most excited about if they were looking for a CPA and came across your website.

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