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Blogs, articles, these terms are not new to you, right? It has slowly creeped in our daily routines and made its own space. I am sure almost everyone out there reading this is a blogger in one way or the other, depending upon the comfortable niches. A student, a working professional, a homemaker exercises this activity of expression. And to be honest, things have been made so user-friendly these days, so that each one of us can have the benefit of blogging and make way for new opportunities for a better living.

Yes, we all write, but is that all that is needed? I don’t think so. If you are writing on such a platform then you must aim to reach out.

Have you experienced less number of hits or no hits on your article?

Do you get low feed back to your work?

Have you tried finding the reason?

Relax, this is the place to be, keep reading below.

To reach out one must take care of few but the most vital and the essential tips. Let us start.

A good reader has the potential to be a good writer. When you read work by others you get to know, what to write, how to write, how to frame things, what is to be kept in focus and how to be on-track. This will take care of your first step. You come across types of writing, different ways of presentation and delivery of the content. And gradually, you will get to know your comfortable niche too.

When you read, you form opinion. This helps you in taking a stand on the concerned topic and you get know what to say through your words. And just forming an opinion will not suffice. Make sure you read thoroughly and then arrive at a conclusion.

Yes, it is the right time to write it down. Now, you have read a lot, formed an opinion, grab the pen and start. One does not get satisfied with first few attempts, that is why it is advised to write down because only execution can take you to achieve. Keep up the hard work.

Do not make silly grammatical mistakes in your final draft of the article. The content reflects personality of the writer and his opinion, and your silly mistakes of grammar can land you in serious negative feedbacks from your readers. Your language is your chance to brighten up or dim those chances of limelight for you.

Someone is identified by his/her ideas and views. And am sure none of you would like to have an impression of being fake. The same way, your article carries your identity, do not copy some one else’s efforts on your name. Make your own impression because readers are tired of those copied, non-variable content served to them on almost every other site. Your writing can do wonders. It can land you in serious trouble, because all this is checked under softwares such as copyscape, etc.

A catchy headline will work the best for you at first look. Even we stop at those articles on google which better represent of what is inside. The words in the heading should be repeated well in your content, because it can give you better position and rank on google search and ultimately you get more views and clicks. The positive response depends only on the way you say it loud to reach out.

NOTE: The heading should be like what to? How to? 7 tips to? Etc.

I think all of the above will be enough. Give it a chance and watch it working magic to your reviews.

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