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5 Popular Android Apps for Bloggers

Posted in Business News By Danlie

As you know, Android operating system has made the life easy and comfortable. It has beautiful and attractive user interface and managed to attract most of peoples from other operating system. Many peoples are managing their work on their smartphones. Bloggers are among them. Blogging requires a lot of concentrations to share their knowledge. Nowadays, bloggers are managing their blog from their smartphones using gadgets. This is an important for any blogger because desktop or laptop is not available at every time.

Apart from these things, Social connection can also be enhanced easily using smartphones anywhere. Many apps are available on the app store for different purposes. Here, I am going to share top 5 apps that can help a blogger to manage their blog successfully. So read this article and try to use them on your smartphone.


This is really an important app if your blog is on blogger platform. Most of the bloggers have their blog on Blogger or Initially, This blog was on blogger platform but after few months I migrated this blog to wordpress platform to get full control. Using this app. you can manage simple things easily like editing and publishing.


WordPress, the most popular blogging platform mostly used by problogger is an important app to manage the entire blog directly from your smartphone. It has more features than blogger. This app provides functional environment where you can manage almost every things like drafting, editing, publishing, optimization etc. more easily than the blogger. If your blog on wordpress, I recommend you to use this app on your smartphone so that you can manget your blog from any where at any time.


Google inbox is the latest and more powerful app that helps you to read and reply your important mails with your clients. This is clutter free app developed by Google team. In the beta stage, you can use this app after invited by someone. This app is almost similar to Gmail but provides a number of features.


Google analytics is a powerful app that can help you to see your blog traffic by months or day. Using this app, you can also view how many visitors are online at that time. As per the number of traffic you are getting, you can easily calculate the approximate revenue from advertising networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc. This app lets you know how many new visitors and unique visitors are landing on your page. Google analytics app provides similar featureslike the desktop version.


This is most important app for every blogger. Using this app, you can create drafts and publish by copy and paste on your blog. This app is just like a notebook for android users. It provides some unique features by which you can concentrate only on writing. At any time, you can create drafts and copy and paste the draft into your blog and finally publish the article. This makes your task much simpler.

I hope, these apps will surely impress your blogging task. If you know more apps that can help the bloging task then comment below. Your comment is always appreciated. To get latest updates from us, Like our biggest facebook fan page and be a follower on twitter. Happy Blogging!.

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