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How To Protect Your WordPress Login

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Any personal online account needs a login user name and password. It is important, as written in every security related documentations, that you keep changing your password at least every 15 days. There are many other things that should to be followed to keep your id and password safe but nothing has stopped hackers from breaking into other’s account. There are very few users in online accounts who have not faced a hacked situation. is a relatively safe website but self hosted WordPress websites or blogs attract hackers all over the world. Self hosted WordPress websites are protected by single login method. In this method, if you login in your main website then the rest of the system is open without any password protection. So you can surely understand, once someone hacks your account then they will take over your entire website.

They can do anything they want and you may never get back possession of the website. After reading this you may wonder if there is any solution or not. Let me assure you one thing; there is no hacker in the whole wide web world who can hack your WordPress website if you use all your security resources in right way. But before you go for all the security tasks, there are some ground works to be done. Read the article carefully to have knowledge about them.

The Ground Works
There are many WordPress plugins available which are free and can help you with many tasks related to your website. Database management and backup plugins are great help. They don’t only help you to mange your website’s database but also create backup of it.
You should take a database backup every week to protect your contents and information. These plugins take backups of your database, themes, plugins and contents. When you set a new password, it is common to use numbers and words that are related to you somehow. No matter how random they are, you mind always attaches a hint one way or other. The solution is simple for this. Use a password generator plugin and generate a total random password for your control panel. Keep the password in your mind. It may sound strange but many plugin or theme providers are not authentic and they may be the one of the master-mind hackers. WordPress provides you enough plugins to use for free.
You don’t need third part plugins for anything. Even if you use a third party plugin then always read their review and look if they have enough contribution to WordPress. It is their only credibility. The hosting company that you are taking service from should be reliable. Many hosting companies are not much strong when it comes to security, so you may want to avoid them. Also make sure that the computer you are using, to login in your account, is totally threat free. The final ground work you must remember to do is to install WordPress security plugins. Here is information about the 5 strongest security plugins for your WordPress login protection.
Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator is a security app for your mobile. It is compatible with iPhone and any Android mobile phone. This software requires two stage of authentication to login into your WordPress account. You have to activate it with your Google account. Once you install the app, go to your profile and arrange your WordPress login security by checking the Active box.

It will provide you with a secret code. You can change the code according to your liking. After that every time you want to login to your WordPress account, you have to first enter the secret code.

If the entered code is wrong then the app will deny the user.
One Time Password
This plugin generates a password list that you will be able to use just once. First install the plugin. Now go to the plugin window and create a list of different passwords. Each password will be used for different login sessions. Choose your password, enter it and press Generate button.

Every time you wants to login to your site, the app will show you a sequence number. Match this sequence number with your generated password and you will be able to login. No hacker will have any idea about the sequence number of your password generating session so they will never be able enter your control panel.
WordPress Login Security
This is a rather simple plugin. This plugin works based on your IP address. The first time you login to your website, this plugin will identify your IP address and will store them in the memory. Then you have to provide an email address of yours for security reasons.

Once it is saved, every time you try to login the plugin will match the IP address of administrating computer with the stored IP address. If the IP address fails to match then the plugin will stop the attempt and will send a one-time key to the email address previously provided. You will then have to login with that key to break the block.
Login Lockdown
This is a very powerful security plugin for WordPress. It is one of the best defenders for your login and it is an IP address category plugin. It tracks your IP address every time you log in and stores it with the time of login. Anyone attempting a login from different IP address will be blocked and the account will be locked.

If the IP address matches but the person enters a wrong password then the plugin will give it three chances to enter the right password. If the user still fails to enter the right password then the plugin will lock the account same way.
WordPress Firewall 2
It is a shield against the malware attacks. Install this plugin and configure it under WordPress firewall sector. The best part is you don’t have to do anything else.

Once you configure it, WordPress Firewall 2 has a unique power to block suspected threats. If you install it then your login is surely protected.

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