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Creating from the guy who loves surfing, beach and sunset! He puts every details from his surfing experience into this game. Ride on your Ipad now let’s chill out and surf together in Infinite Surf!

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Infinite Surfing IPad by nocomwin is created from the real experience of the wave surfer whose house locates near the beach and also he is a game developer! What he aims Is to share a wonderful experience and the thrill moment of surfing to you. He designed Infinite Surfing as the distance based running game which you will enjoy riding on the board with the endless challenges!

Infinite Surfing IPad gameplay is so simple . You must collect all the sun coins which float on the water. If you miss 3 coins the game is over. The coin will appear randomly along the part you surf pass through, let’s get em all.

In Infinite Surfing IPad, There are not only the coins float on the sea! The bonus items are also there! such as, magnet which will pull all the coins to you automatically so you don’t need o worry about missing a coin. The power turn which your board will turn 90 degree on the wave and obtain extra distance points. X2 is the item which double your surfing speed! If the current speed is not challenge enough, grasp it. Free surf is the item in the wave tunnel sign, the large wave will approach you and the blue sun coins will appear along the way! Be agile and collect them. The last one is the “?” Sign which will randomly gives you an amount o coins ( I ever obtained 1000 coins from this item).

After collecting a bunch of coins, it’s time to spend them. Infinite Surfing IPadoffers the surf board shop which you can buy 4 types of the surf board which have different styles and stats. Each stats will reflects to the effect of the obtained item, such as if the Power Turn stat is 3 stars, you will obtain around 2000-3000 distance points compared to 1 star you will gain only around 100 points.

Moreover, Infinite Surfing IPadallows you to spend 20k sun coins to unlock the sunset wave which you can chill out and surf during the sunset environment which is very beautiful!

In conclusion, Infinite Surfing IPad is the game that worth 0.99$, if you are the one who loves to go to the beach and need to surf on the chill wave, this game is recommended. Because of the game is creating from the real experience of the surfer, it has included with the beach environment , you will hear a voice of the wave crashing on the beach, the sun light and much more things they are so real! The game play is so simple, so the player can easily understand the whole gameplay system. However, Infinite Surfing IPad still requires more serious improvements such as more challenging modes , more surf boards and more waves.

I would like to rate this game as 4/5 STARS (Surf well on IPad!)

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