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iPad4, Surface RT, Nexus10, iPad Mini, Nexus7 – Which One Is For You?

Posted in Technology By Danlie

The confusion never goes, what to choose what not to choose, with so many devices in the same segment being released back to back – iPad4, Windows Surface RT, Nexus 10 that too by the OS providers themselves. To add to the choices, is the release of Phablets – iPad Mini and Nexus 7. These tablets in addition to providing more options, add to the confusion, whether to dump phones and tablets altogether and go in for these hybrid devices or consider them as an alternative to pricier tablet or phones with bigger screens giving tablet experience? Let me pinpoint some of the strong points of each device that will help you decide which one to go for, this festive season.

Nexus10, has the highest screen resolution with maximum pixel density, is lightest and cheapest among the three tablets. The only one, among the three to have 1.9MP front camera, dual stereo speakers and NFC support. This, I would say is the best bargain given the price.

Windows Surface RT has a quad core processor, the most powerful among the three; one can expect better performance from the phone. Office 2013 can add to the selling point of the tablet. So, If you want a shrunk up PC experience from your tablet then Windows Surface RT would be a good choice. But then I would say If you really want a Windows device from the house of Microsoft, wait for a few months for Windows Surface PRO to be released, as it can run full version of Windows 8 and can provide a PC experience on tablet form factor. iPad4 among all has the maximum battery backup. It can play up to 10 hrs of video continuously. One thing that no one can deny about Apple products is the user experience, and this holds true for iPad4 too. Coming from the Apple family iPad4 can boast of the maximum number of Tablet optimized apps. So if you can shell out a bit more and UX is your priority then iPad4 is for you.

Coming over to the Phablets, lets try to figure out what are the major highlights of Nexus 7 and iPad Mini. The highpoint of Nexus 7 is the quad core processor, that makes it more powerful than the iPad Mini, and more suitable for playing games per-se. Nexus 7 might be easier to handle with one hand owing to its dimensions, and price is of course a plus when compared to iPad Mini. With iPad Mini again the same Apple advantage follows as with iPad4, greater number of tablet optimized applications. Another high point is the 5MP rear camera which is totally missing from Nexus7.

So among the two if price is a constraint then definitely there is nothing that can beat Nexus 7 and if performance does not matter as much as the number of available apps then shell out some more money and soak in the Apple experience. Image Source[]

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