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Use this method if you want to ban certain software from using the Internet in Windows 10


You can choose to grant or prevent internet connection for any specific application or software on Windows 10.

In some cases, the administrator can grant or prevent any application, specific software on Windows 10 computers to have internet access. This allows users to restrict unwanted access that leaks data from unreliable software and applications. This article will show you how to grant or prevent internet connection for any application, software in a specific way on Windows 10, invite readers to consult.

This article will guide you how to license or prevent internet connection for any application, software specifically on Windows 10, invite readers to consult.

Step 1: Enter the keyword “Control Panel” in the Run dialog box and click the result as shown.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, find and click the Windows Defender Firewall option.

Step 3: Windows Defender Firewall interface appears, click on the Advanced Settings option on the left.

Step 4: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box appears, at this time, please click on the Outbound Rules option and continue to right click this option and select the “New Rule …” command.

Step 5: The New Outbound Rule Wizard dialog box appears, check the Program option and click Next.

Here Windows Firewall will provide you with two options to manipulate, if you select All programs, then all software, applications installed on Windows will be set up according to the task you choose. In case of topic, the article is specific for a certain application, software, then select This program path.

Continue clicking Browse … and navigate to the EXE file of the software, the application you want to manipulate, then click Next.

In the next setting interface, please check the option “Block the connection” to block internet connection for the application, the software you choose.

Continue to click Next in the next interface.

And finally, the option to set the name of the task you manipulate to easily identify later when needed.

So you’ve finished blocking a specific application or software accessing the internet on Windows 10.

If you want to restore it again, just delete the rule you just created.

Very simple, right?