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Fly Casting Competition in Sweden

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A report from the Son in Law of Stuart Longhurst and The Baltic Fly Fisher, our German Distributor

The Edge flycasting competition is three competitions held at the annual Sportsfiskamässan in Sweden. It’s a big fishing fair with 12,000 people visiting over the three days it lasts.

The three competitions are held by the owner of Sweden’s largest online flyfishing forum in partnership with the Sportsfiskamässan.

Each day of the fair there’s a new competition. The first on opening day is the “Edge one shot distance” competition. It’s a pick up lay down competition where each competitor gets one shot to see how far they can cast. They get one minute to warm up and make their one shot. They can cast out the line before making their attempt as to get the desired amount of line ready for the pick up and deliver. A very fun competition that really is make or break. Qualifying rounds are held in the morning, and the top ten go on to the final in the afternoon. This year it was won by Danish caster Lasse Karlsson with a cast of 31,44, Mikael Blomberg from Norway took second with a shot of 29,38 meters and Swedish Staffan Dahlbom took third with a cast of 28,25 meters. The casts where all measured by lazer measurement, hence the very accurate distances.

The second day sees the “Edge Switch Cast Distance” competition. Each competitor gets 2 minutes to make the furthest switch cast possible, longest cast counts. Switch is in this competition defined as making a cast that has a anchor in the water. Some competitors this year tried the Perry Poke to get a better cast since we are lifting the line off from both water and the floor (pool isn’t long enough ;-)). A traditional switch (single spey without direction change) was however the way the winners got their best distances. And as with the one shot, qualifying is in the morning and finals with the best ten in the afternoon. Winner was Swedish Staffan Dahlbom with 26,55 meters, Swedish Ronny Landin took second with 26,10 and Swedish Tellis Katsogiannos took third with 25,75. (4th was Mikael Blomberg and 5th was Lasse Karlsson).

Third and final day sees the “Edge Trout Distance” competition. Same as the switch each competitor gets 2 minutes to throw as far as possible, longest cast counts. Again qualifying rounds in the morning and best ten to the final. This year the distances where very good. It took a cast of 29,10 meters to get to the final, and there where 5 casters throwing further than 32 meters. In the final Mikael Blomberg won with a cast of 34,15 meters set in the last 4 seconds of his 2 minutes, before that his best cast was 32,35. Ronny Landin landed second place with a cast of 33,10 meters and Lasse Karlsson took third with a cast of 32,40 meters.

The competitions are open to anyone visiting the show, walk to the pond sign up and cast. It very good fun, and each year new people get their first taste of the casting bug in friendly competition.



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