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Be Careful What you Practice

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“Be Careful What you Practice”
by Jack Spirko
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Recently I was listening to one of my company’s conference calls and the presenter was talking about keys to being a good sponsor. One of her many excellent points was to be careful what you practice because whatever you practice you get better at. So if you practice bad habits you get better at them. She didn’t say a huge amount on the point as she was going through a list of many but this one stuck with me. I think there is a huge message in this simple statement.

Consider for a moment Shaquille O’Neal of the LA Lakers. Now most people think of Shaq as an incredible athlete and he is of course. The guy is a monster and under the basket he is almost unstoppable. What most folks who don’t follow basketball do not know is old Shaq is terrible at foul shots. In fact he is so bad he is actually fouled on purpose because he will most likely miss one or both of the foul shots.

Now guess what Shaq practices foul shots over and over to try and get better but he is still just terrible. Why, his form is terrible and he practices with bad form. So what happens? Shaq gets better and better and being bad at foul shots. How bad is he? Well my 12-year-old son has a far better average from the line even though my son is less than 5 feet tall.

Ask yourself what are you practicing. Do you call each and every lead until you get to speak to them? Or do you just leave a message and hope they call back? Do you call your downline and just talk to them once in a while? Do you provide them with support? Do you commit to recruiting a minimum number of agents a month? Keep in mind you will get better at what you are practicing.

Now it also gets better or worse depending on what you are practicing. Network Marketing is about duplication. If you practice great habits so will your downline and you guessed it, if you practice poor habits so will your downline. So as has been advised so often, always when you are having trouble finding new people or motivating people work on yourself first.

If you want recruiters become a recruiter and if you want builders be a builder. Keeping your approach balanced and doing both would be the best idea. So begin asking yourself one key question every time you take an action or fail to take an action. Do I want to get better at doing this and do I want my downline to get better at doing this? If the answer is no you know what to do. Don’t do it! There is an old saying “practice makes perfect”.

So, here is the question of the day. What are you perfecting today and how is it going to impact your business tomorrow?

Jack Spirko

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