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How to download GTA 5 Apk Directly

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Playing is a popular hobby for many individuals. There are other action games available, but GTA 5 is far and away the most popular (Grand Theft Auto 4). This game, however, is only accessible on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The unfortunate aspect is that there is no officially sanctioned GTA 5 Android variant. However, there is a plugin version of GTA 5 apk update that you can install on your Android computer to play this fantastic game.

How to download GTA 5 Apk Directly

I’ll demonstrate how to get the GTA 5APK file as well as the OBB file, which includes the game’s files, in this post. If you use this APK, you will receive comparable gameplay and visuals quality. There are no delays in this version, since it has been properly tested.

GTA 5APK is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Niko Bellic is the title character’s given name. In cooperative mode, you’ll compete against up to 31 additional people. You can rob, assault, demolish, ride motorcycles, and do a variety of other crimes. So, how excited are you to play this game?

If you want to download and install GTA 5 APK on your smartphone, just follow the instructions below.

GTA 5 APK information

GTA 5 APK – V1.03 – Created By – Rockstar Games – Android Version 4.03+ or more – Last Modified – 4 May 2019 – Application Scale – 450 MB

You will need the following goods to play GTA 5 APK.

There are no prerequisites for playing Grand Theft Auto IV. However, the computer must be of a high-end configuration and have a minimum of 2GB of free space. That is all. At the very least, you’ll want 2GB of RAM.

How Do I Download and Install GTA 5 APK?

You will be unable to search for it on Google Play since it is not an authorized file due to its mid-version status. Not to worry; just follow the instructions below to download and install the APK.

– To begin, open your browser and download the GTA 5 APK file. To get GTA 5APK, please visit the website linked below.

– Once the upgrade is complete, download the OBB version. It includes all of the game’s information.

– After these two files have been downloaded, authorize unknown sources in your browser. Now, follow the steps outlined below.
– Select Security & Fingerprint >> from the drop-down menu in the device’s settings. Select Unknown Sources.
– Now browse to the update section of the file manager and find the GTA 5APK file.
– Save the APK file to your computer and install it.
– In the file manager, go to the OBB file and copy it.
– Once it is complete, Go to SDcard > Android > OBB > Paste.
– Prepare to play Grand Theft Auto V on your smartphone.


I hope this method was helpful in downloading and installing the GTA 5APK on your smartphone PC correctly. Numerous other websites provide further modifications; however, you should only import from trusted sources. Always import the OBB file in addition to the APK file; otherwise, the app will fail to operate. We will get any possible alerts, and please notify us if you encounter any difficulties.

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