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5 Steps To Downing Your Boss Tools And Starting Your Own Company

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Once again it’s about that time when everything starts to get a little bit colder. That probably doesn’t mean much to you if you’re used to working in a nice warm office, but when you work outside on the tools it changes everything. The only thing stopping you from working is the rain. If the weather doesn’t play nice and it’s absolutely freezing there’s almost nothing you can do. If you stop working you’ll probably get fired.

Or would you? Not if you were your own boss, right? Then you could take a break whenever you wanted to. You couldn’t spend all your time doing nothing or you wouldn’t get paid, but when your fingers were so cold you couldn’t feel them it would be easy to stop and grab a warm drink. People don’t talk about how it’s possible to start your own company in the building industry so much, but if more people knew how to go about it then maybe unemployment  figures wouldn’t be so bad. Let’s look at what you could do.

You obviously need a nest egg

You definitely can’t just quit your job if you have a family to look after. The easiest thing to do would be to save up enough money to last you 12 months without bringing anything in. That would help you out, even though you would be earning money at the same time so you wouldn’t technically be using it all every month. A 12-month nest egg could easily last up to 2 years. I know it might seem hard to save up, but just don’t waste money.

How to think like an entrepreneur

Building a company takes hard work and lots of sweat. When it eventually starts paying you back the results could be more than you ever dreamed of. But until then you haven’t won anything so don’t go spending money you don’t have. Buying things on credit isn’t what entrepreneurs do. They definitely don’t spend money on luxury things in the beginning. Live a few years of hardship that most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life with everything most people can never afford.

Don’t dive into the deep end

When you begin looking for a way out you definitely don’t want to dive in at the deep end. Don’t quit tomorrow and start looking for work. Ideally you should be working extra in your own time after work. This builds you up a reputation and references, but it also gets you used to handling your own business without anyone else’s help. Sometimes it’s nice to splash around in stuff we don’t understand when we have something to fall back on. It means we can afford to make mistakes.

Get the right equipment for the job

You want to be professional and need the right tools for the job. That doesn’t mean you should go crazy and start buying the best of everything. You need to be smart and only choose things that are great, but at an affordable price. This is a little like what we talked about before. When you’re bringing in lots of money you can buy whatever you like. And don’t forget about other equipment you’ll need like packaging. If you want to be professional you’ll need to send out quotes and receipts. Those should be sent in nice enough packaging, so customers don’t think you’re cheap.

Entrepreneurship 101

You have a nest egg, jobs lined up, and all the tools. You should be good to go, but there are some things they don’t teach you in trade school. One of the big things is money. You need to be good with it. You’ll have to decide how much to charge for jobs. People will need to be paid for materials. Start learning math and simple relationship building skills. Talking to a customer is a lot different when you’re the owner of a company. I’m sure you’ll do great but always keep trying to better yourself.

Donna Garcia is an entreprenuer and a dedicated blogger as well. She uses cardboard recycling bins , as she attempts to work without harming the environment any further.

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