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3D Push Pins in Illustrator

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How about a version of push pins in Adobe Illustrator. Simple steps to follow. Coming up next on this tutorial.

First, determine the shape of the push pin handle . I use this ellipses to block in the shapes of my push pins. Two sets of a pair of horizontal line (drawn using the line segment tool) and ellipse (using the ellipse tool. the horizontal alignment was used to align the line and the ellipse while the vertical alignment was used to align all objects.

Next, while everything are selected, the pathfinder>divide tool was used to divide all path in their intersections. After dividing the objects were ungrouped so that the unneeded paths can be deleted.

Next, Use the polygon tool was used to draw a triangle. To do this select the polygon tool on the tool menu. Click on the art board and a dialogue box appears. Enter 3 for the sides and enter. stretch the triangle to shape. You may need to rotate it also. Use the align tool to align the triangle with the previous shapes. After alignment, select all objects and do the Pathfinder>divide. Ugroup and delete the unneeded paths as shown. Next will be the needle.

Here is the illustration on how to draw a triangle using the polygon tool. Will use this again in drawing the needle of the pin. draw the triangle as shown. We will stretch it to our needed shape.

After stretching, align the needle with the handle. To prepare the shape for revolving, we need only half of the profile of the push pin so use the pathfinder>divide procedure to trim the push pin into half.

The illustration shows the step in dividing the shapes and trimming the unneeded portions. Fill the handle with color and the needle with another color. Group the halves to be revolved together. Save a copy of this shape for the shadow later.

Select the group and revolve as shown.

You may use my settings as default

Select the push pin and drag to side while holding the alt key. this will make a copy of the push pin to the right.

double click on the right handle until only the handle is clear – leaving the rest of the objects pale. change teh color of the handle by selecting a new color at the swatches.

Click on the blank space to return to normal view. select the right push pin and open the appearance window . click on the “revolve” and edit the position of the pin.

using the selection tool, resize the pin.

paste a copy of the profile of the pin for the shadow.

Select the shadow and on the Effect pull down menu, select Distort and Transform>Free Distort and drag the anchor points on the dialogue box to reshape the shadow. Drag the resulting shadow to fit the pins,

create a gradient for the shadow as shown

Do the same for the other shadow. create a free shape using the pen tool for the table. I used a radial gradient for the color of the table as shown.

And finally, Draw lines suggesting a perspective distortion to accent the table and the background using the line segment tool.

Happy Learning!!!

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