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5 Affiliate Tips for Marketing With Pay Per Clicks

Posted in Business By Danlie

A pay per click search engine is a search engine you pay to have your site listed. When someone clicks on your ad, you are billed for the “click”.

Don’t let this scare you though; you may actually get started with pay per clicks for free. If you are an affiliate, pay per clicks are the fastest way to get started in business. You can start earning money in as little as 15 minutes of posting your ad.

Before you get started though, you need to do a little homework. Get this part right, and you’ll earn more money.

1. Choose a product to market.

Affiliates have plenty of choices in affiliate products. There are thousands of affiliate programs available online with millions of products available.

Several factors you may want to consider in choosing your product are commission rates, sales page, free offers, and cookies.

To make it worth your while, you should earn a minimum amount from the product. Digital products offer higher commissions than physical products, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider physical products. Just look for a high commission.

The sales page has to be convincing. Although you don’t have to buy every product you sell, it’s a good idea to make sure the product does what it says. If you don’t plan to buy the product, simply ask yourself, based on the sales letter, would you? The answer must be yes.

Free offers are good for getting people to visit the site. This ties in with the use of cookies. Most won’t purchase on the first visit, so you want the merchant to “cookie” the customer for you. If the visitor returns, you still get credit for the sale.

Look for products that are popular without too much competition. This will help you make more money.

2. Find free pay per clicks to test with.

Before you waste your time on an ad that is unproven, look for pay per click search engines that offer you free traffic. You can use these free clicks to test your ads. This will save you both time and money down the road. You will already know if your campaign will work.

Try searching for “pay per click search engines” or “free pay per click advertising credits”. There are plenty of sites with free traffic available.

3. Study the guidelines for the pay per click.

Every pay per click search engine is different. Reading the guidelines before crafting your ads will save you a lot of frustration. Also, the pay per click site may offer some type of tools to help you. Take advantage of everything the site has to offer. This will help you get more from your campaign.

4. Write your first ad.

If you’ve studied the guidelines carefully, you won’t have too much trouble writing your first ad.

Make sure your ad fits the guidelines. You will need to write a good headline, and your wording for your ad will need to be concise because you are allowed so few characters in your ad. Include your main keyword if possible.

5. Test your ad.

You will need to test your ad to make sure you are getting results. Use the statistics included in your control panel for the ad network you are marketing on. Compare it to the number of sales you have made. A good return is one sale for every 100 clicks. This is about a one percent return.

You don’t need to be an expert search engine marketer to make money from pay per clicks. Just do your homework, and you’ll be making sales in no time.

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