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The Android Apps that Should Exist

Posted in Technology By Danlie

The way that society has evolved one of the most desired things is to have your very own Android app. Why? The most probable answer is because; we want to be able to say we created an app. But, not all of us can make our very own Android Apps. It’s sad but nonetheless true. So, all we can do is desire an app and hope it is created. Here is a short list of apps that I, and I imagine many others, would love to see on the Android App Market. All titles are just examples of a good title for the app.
1) Yahoo Contributor Network

We all want to read new articles posted on Yahoo Contributor network. People subscribed to the Network also want to see what new assignments their are. This app lets you read and submit new articles to the Yahoo Contributor Network.

2) In Filming

Have you ever wondered when was this TV show or Movie filmed? Well now you don’t have to. This app gives you live news feed on which TV or Movies are being filmed. Only reporters/actors/directors or people that are confirmed as reliable can submit information. Also, you will no longer have to wonder if they are already making the new Entourage Season.

3) What’s Wrong with Me?

Simple and to the point. Your throat hurts and you can’t keep coughing. You wonder what is wrong with me. All you do is take out this handy application and enter what you are feeling. It automatically sends it to a medical database and your results are shown. You either have: Strep Throat or a Cough.

4) Twitter Categories

A helpful application to make your twitter life a tad less hectic. All the famous celebrities are put into categories. Sports, TV, Movies etc. Let’s say you want to see which San Diego Chargers are currently tweeting. You go to Sports, then NFL, and finally Chargers. Right then and their all the Chargers faculty, staff, and players recent tweets are shown. You don’t even need a Twitter account. But, then you can’t comment on anything.

5) Pick a Number

Have you ever had no fairway of settling who plays first on the PS3 when with a load of friends? This app chooses a random number from 1-100 and keeps it to itself. You write in the name categories provided, all your friends’ names and their prediction. After that’s done you press DONE. The computer reveals its number and says who won.

6) App Maker

This app would allow people to suggest Apps for development. Once you (the writer) open the app you are taken to a Dashboard. On the Dashboard you write your app idea and it is submitted. On the other side of the app are the people who actually create the app (the developers). Which own a company that creates apps once they see an app they like they review it and possibly send you a money offer (by email). After that you’re on your own negotiating with the company.

7) Coming Soon

Here you can see what is to come. What new movies are coming out, videogames, books, articles etc. You pick the category you want to see and not only do you see what’s coming soon but you are able to buy it right there on your Android.

8) Movie Ticket Counter

Your wondering where their are more tickets. In the movie theatre uptown or downtown. Because, you want to go to the movie theatre with the least amount of people. This app shows how many tickets are available out of how many their originally were. The app also includes where to buy the tickets.

9) Car Games

This app is really simple. You’re bored in a car so you get your Android and go to the Car Games app. Their you find a list of games to play in a car. Some games that are popular and well known. Like the punch the person next to you if you see a license plate from another state game. But, their is also games that were recently submitted by other app users.

10) TV Show Explanation

Have you ever not understood what just happened on a recent TV show like Lost? This app explains exactly what happened in the show. From beginning to end. No longer will you go to bed wondering what you just saw on TV.

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