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Free Business Courses Online — Great for High School Seniors?

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Parents of college-bound high school seniors already know that the savings accounts they started years ago might not see the children through even half of their educational pursuits. Now online schools offer free education in selected law and business studies courses. Why should high school seniors take a serious look at them?
Non-degree Seeking Students
Students who are not currently interested in earning a bachelor degree in business studies may nevertheless be looking for inexpensive means to beefing up their understanding of business-related course material. This is also true for the student who needs some remedial work over the summer to come back strong in the fall semester. Interestingly, there are a number of free online college opportunities. High school students, too, should have a serious look at some of these courses.
Where to Find Free Business Studies Online
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager
This business course was taught in 2003 by Professor John Akula. It is at the undergraduate level and discusses the basics of corporate business law. In addition to the selected reading information, there are 21 sets of lecture notes. This is an excellent introductory course for the student needing a quick but intensive study of this challenging business topic. Given MIT’s well-known reputation, this is an excellent backgrounder for any business student.
UC Irvine: Introduction to Project Management
Students may take an easy to follow introductory course into project management from this well known school. The lessons are short and to the point and cover the purpose of project management as well as processes, the triple constraint, and time considerations. Students will do well even if they do not have a rudimentary understanding of the subject matter.
Tufts University: International Multilateral Negotiation
Taught in 2005 by Adil Najam, this graduate level course originally covered thirty-eight hours of instruction in international multilateral negotiation. It is noteworthy that free access is limited to the instructor provided materials and, obviously, you also do not have the benefit of student generated content and discussions.
Why Opt for Free Online Business Classes?
Offered by highly respected institutions of higher learning, these free classes allow students to discover whether or not they have an interest in the subject matter — or even just an aptitude for the material. It assists college-bound high school seniors to decide early on if business is truly a career path they wish to pursue academically and, if so, where to place the emphasis of their studies.
Moreover, if a high school senior manages to get a good understanding of the subject matter via a free class, it is always possible to request test-out credit (which decreases the needed tuition) from the college of her choice. Last but not least, the online aspect makes the learning experience convenient, no matter what calendars and schedules looks like.

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